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A, engineering process:

1, the installation of embedded parts


3, install pillar

4, armrest and column connections

5, grinding polishing

Second, the installation of embedded parts up (after)

Wrought iron fence installation of embedded parts can only be used after add up, its practice is to use expansion bolt and steel plate to make

Rear fittings, first pay-off in civil engineering at the grass-roots level, determine the position of the pillar fixed point, and then use percussion drill drill on the ground,

To install the expansion bolts, the length of the bolt to keep enough, after the bolt positioning, tighten bolt and the nut and screw

With steel plate welding between the dead, to prevent the nut is loose. Armrest and is also connected to the wall surface above methods.

The three,

Due to the above shall add after construction, may produce error, therefore, before the post installation, should be to pay-off, to

Locate buried plate and the accuracy of welding stud, if there are any deviation, timely correction. All should guarantee, wrought iron pillar is located in the steel

On a board and around to welding.

Fourth, install pillar

When the welding stud, need to double match, a vertical, hold the steel pipe to keep its cannot shake when welding, the other people

Around the welds, welding, and welding specification should comply with.

Five, the armrest and column connections

Post before installation, by stretching line pay-off, according to the Angle of the site, and the roundness of armrest used, in its upper end

Groove of the processing. Then put into the groove of the armrest directly into the column, progressive spot welding installation from one end to the other end, adjacent armrest

Install docking accurate seam tightly. Adjacent steel pipe butt joint, joint with wrought iron welding rod for welding. Integrity of stainless steel

Wrought iron customer service remind: before welding, along the weld must be within 30 ~ 50 mm per side fan guard of oil pollution, burr, remove rust stain, etc


Six, grinding polishing

All welding, using portable grinder to weld draw with sanding, until not weld. When polishing the flannelette grinding wheel

Or felt in polishing, chongqing stainless steel rail construction personnel reminds, at the same time the corresponding polishing paste, until with adjacent to each other

Parent metal, do not show weld.

Above is usually at six, wrought iron fence installation process, and analyzing the specific issues may be slightly different, but

Is is consistent on the whole, in brief is to install in place, very safe, ensure N years don't appear any problems,

This is what we want security flawless, wrought iron fence installation project.